5 Reasons Why Indie Artists Should Make Lyrics Videos

Sometimes, your new song doesn’t need a whole music video to go with it. Another creative but reliable way to promote your next new song is lyrics videos. Lyrics video are worth the investment for music artists for a variety of reasons:

1. Aesthetic and storytelling: A well-crafted lyrics video can help tell a story that complements the song and enhances the listener's emotional connection to the music. It can also add depth and meaning to the lyrics that might be missed when simply listening to the song. Just as how the fonts, text treatment, and animation of Gameboy match its visual perfectly.

2. Increase visibility and engagement: Lyrics videos are often shared on social media platforms like YouTube and Instagram, and can help increase the visibility and engagement of the artist's music. This is particularly important for up-and-coming artists who are looking to build their fan base.

3. Enhance the listener's experience: A lyrics video can help enhance the listener's experience by allowing them to better understand the lyrics and follow along with the song. It can also make the song more memorable and enjoyable for the listener.

4. Cost-effective marketing: Compared to a full music video, lyrics videos can be more cost-effective to produce, making them a great marketing tool for artists who are working with a limited budget.

5. Reach a wider audience: A lyrics video can help the artist reach a wider audience by making their music accessible to people who may not speak the same language or have difficulty understanding the lyrics when listening to the song.

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